Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Robert Ross Band @ Botany Pub Crawl in Clifton NJ on Saturday!!! #blues #rock #jazz #music

Two Time New York Music Award Winner!!
Quote: "A blues icon. One of the great blues spirits." Bob Fass (Radio Un-nameable, WBAI-FM Pacifica Network).

Robert Ross Band @ Botany Village Pub Crawl
Saturday, October 8, 2011

7:00pm - 12am
The fountain in Sullivan Square in the center of Botany Village. In case of bad weather an indoor venue will be provided.
Other Info: This will be another Pub Crawl featuring 5 bands at 5 great venues starting at 7pm until 12 midnight. We will be appearing at JOHNNY's. The other great bands: Michael Packer @ The Coop, Carlos Colina @ El Dorado's, Victoria Warne @ Noches De Columbia, and Son Lewis@ Rossi's. See below for phone numbers and addresses.
    Tickets will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door.The ticket entitles you to see all four bands at four different venues. Send an email to for more information about that.  Or if you really want to support the band we will be selling 10 tickets for $8 each in advance of the show.
The Botany Pub Crawl Lineup:
The Robert Ross Band @ Johnny's
110 Ackerman Ave. (corner of Parker & Ackerman), Botany Village, Clifton, NJ
(Telephone: 973-546-9813}
The Robert Ross Band will feature: Mark Dann on bass, Malenstein on drums, and Robert Ross on vocals, guitar, slide guitar, and harmonica.

The Michael Packer Blues Band @ The Coop
282 Parker Ave.

The Son Lewis Band @ Rossi's
254 Dayton Ave.

Carlos Colina & Straight Up Band @ El Dorado's
255 Parker Ave.

The Victoria Warne Band @ Noches De Columbia
1 Village Square East

Thank you to Joe Nikisher (Botany Business District) and John Muller (New Jersey Sunset Blues Cruise) for organizing and promoting the event.

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