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Pre-cleared music for bloggers & podcasters from @CyberPR Valentines Day music

Newsletter #226
Hello from Ariel!
In This Week's Issue:

1. Featured Artists - Cyber PR®'s Valentine's Day Songs

It is hard to believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

If you have been hit by the love bug as we have here at Cyber PR®, you are in luck...

We have compiled two separate collections of music, one focused on ballads and the other on up-tempo songs, dedicated to all things love!

These songs are perfect for any of your upcoming blog features, radio shows or playlists.

Here are the links directly to each VPK, however below we will showcase each artist within:

Cyber PR® Valentine's Day - Up Tempo:
Cyber PR® Valentine's Day - Ballad:

Cyber PR®'s Valentine's Day Songs
Paul d'Amore

Paul is the Troubadour of Emotions. Songwriting at its best. Emotionally powerful lyricism fusing pop/rock idioms in a personal harmonic journey through the Music of the Spheres.

Carrie Rowan

Carrie Rowan is a breath of fresh air in a marketplace over crowded with folks looking for just the right sound at the expense of songwriting. 
International Rock'n'Soul. Think Dexy's Midnight Runners crossed with Chicago, playing in the kind of old-style pub that has tiles on the walls. 
A nurse-turned-musician, Amber Norgaard is known as "one of Tucson's great musical trailblazers" and “a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with”.

Click here to listen to Amber's ballad
Click here to listen to Amber's up-tempo song

James Kieth Norman

His music embodies the warmth of Dan Fogelberg and the honesty of Jackson Browne blended with some sweet baby James (Taylor), all with a fresh sensibility that comes from living every breathing moment with having eyes wide open in 2012.

Click here to listen to James's ballad

Mark Gothard

Mark Gothard has made the best music of a career that is already full of highlights. He has written more than 300 songs over 20 years, some dark, some full of hope, all touched with a melancholy that the greats all manage to conjure.

Beth Bombara

Beth has received Riverfront Times nominations for “Best Singer Songwriter” and “Best Female Vocalist", been featured on the documentary mini-series "Chevy Music Showcase", and appeared in Guitar Player Magazine. "Her voice combines the best qualities of Lucinda Williams and Natalie Merchant." 
Click here to listen to Beth's ballad

Killian McGeraghty

Known for his original special occasion tunes, MacGeraghty has released a holiday album, called Celebration Songs, featuring songs such as the two Valentine's Day songs we have here "Something Anything" and "My Happy Valentine".

Click here to listen to Killian's ballad
Click here to listen to Killian's up-tempo song

October Project

Noted worldwide for their unique, haunting style, and passionate, poetic songs, October Project ( features music by Emmy-award winning composer Emil Adler, lyrics by poet/lyricist Julie Flanders, and the sparkling vocals of Marina Belica.

Click here to listen to October Project's 2 ballads

Chad Scott

Fueled by a passion for sunshine, surf, yoga, and adventure, Chad Scott, has developed some of the best in “Feel Good Music,” available today. Highly energetic, happy and infectious, yet surprisingly sophisticated, Chad’s music has been compared to the likes of Billy Joel, Bare Naked Ladies, Steely Dan, Maroon 5, Eric Clapton, and Jamiroquoi.
Click here to listen to Chad's up-tempo song

George Arnare

He has composed, arranged & produced his debut solo album SOUL VOLITION (the first of a trilogy) utilizing the finest professional musicians in Australia to create a hit packed album ready for International radio play.

Click here to listen to George's up-tempo song

Nees and Vos

This strong partnership stretches across musical genres and evokes the vast American landscape. Above all, it speaks to Nees and Vos’ continuing search for the soul of music.

Click here to listen to Nees and Vos's up-tempo song

Alain Pernot

Throughout his career Alain Pernot has been part of many praised musical projects. As a live musician he toured Canada, France, Asia and Belgium. Alain also worked on numerous recordings as a studio musician, including producing his own debut CD "Between Time and Space".  

Click here to listen to Alain's up-tempo song

The Evangenitals

Founded by playwright/director/songwriter Juli Crockett and opera, jazz & gospel singer Lisa Dee, The Evangenitals are an alt-country/Americana love revolution made flesh for your listening pleasure.

Click here to listen to The Evangenitals' up-tempo song

Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon

The conversation about Love Can Change The World became a song that sends a powerful message and keeps you in the comfort of the groove with a beautiful blend of harmonies, along with rhythmic guitar that drives a compelling tension and release. 

Click here to listen to Bev & Greg's up-tempo song

The Jellybeans

Eleven girls from Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Jersey City, recorded their first CD while they were in the sixth grade. That CD of original songs for children earned them an ‘Artist Spotlight’ by The Independent Music Awards; the youngest artists ever so featured.

Click here to listen to The Jellybeans' up-tempo song


NEELY emerges with grit and energy that integrates the region's eclectic musical sound scape into an array of hooky lyrics with tight, spine chilling harmonies.

Click here to listen to NEELY's up-tempo song

Nando Griffiths

Nando is a Jamaican singer who is equally adept at gliding over mellow one-drop
reggae grooves, riding uptempo dancehall and soca riddims, or belting out pop and
R&B tunes with a comfort that belies his Jamaican roots.

Click here to listen to Nando's ballad
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