Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sound Advice Ezine- Acknowledge Your Notable Accomplishments of 2008

Acknowledge Your Notable Accomplishments of 2008

During times like this when the television and the newspapers seem to be chock full of only doom and gloom, it is an appropriate exercise and it is simple. Here it is:

Write down at least 20 notable accomplishments that you have achieved over the past twelve months. They don't all have to be music-related, of course. Some of them can be things that are happening in your family, or at work, if your work is not being a full-time musician. Some examples are:

• Released an album
• Made 30 new friends on Facebook
• Played a benefit concert.
You get the idea...

When you have written them all, take a look at them, fold them up, and carry them around with you in your wallet. The next time you're faced with the doom and gloom, read them to yourself and acknowledge what you've done.

Bonus round, write down your lifetime accomplishments on the other side of the paper.

Happy holidays and may you have a healthy and successful 2009!
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