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Cyber PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser

The Holiday Season is upon us and Ariel Publicity/Cyber PR are thrilled to announce our
First Annual CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser

1. You ask your fans to make a difference (it's tax-deductible for them).

2. We reward you with a free PR Campaign and gifts to help you get ahead in the music business.

3. We all make a difference together!

As our way of celebrating the holiday season, we want to work with you to raise money for musicians in need, and contribute to the future of creativity and music.

Soon, I will be launching a full PR campaign announcing our CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser featuring every artist that is participating. If you have holiday music recorded I will promote in exchange for your participation in the drive.

This is an opportunity for you to get extra publicity from us by simply participating in the CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser.

Here's how it works:

1. You send out your e-mail newsletter (or a series of newsletters) to all of your fans and friends wishing them a happy holiday and requesting that they make a donation to any charity of your choice (I have supplied a list of 5 musician-oriented charities to consider).

2. Your fans e-mail you their proof of contribution email or a screen shot that they donated.

3. You report it back to us to qualify for complimentary prizes that will help you grow in 2009.

Donation Levels:

Silver Tinsel - $75 to $250
Raise between $75 to $250, I will send you a copy of my brand-new Sound Advice DVD featuring Derek Sivers – 82 minutes of our best marketing and PR tips.

Sparkly Lights - $250 to $500
Raise between $250 to $500 I will send you my “Music Success In 9 Weeks” book and a the Sound Advice DVD, plus you will get full access to my closed private online Mastermind website for life.

Shining Star - $1,000 to $2,500
Raise between $1,000 to $2,500 I will give you my Musicians Web 2.0 Boot Camp, plus the “Music Success In 9 Weeks” book, the Sound Advice DVD, and the private online Mastermind website and an invitation to attend one of our digital press conferences where you can get exposure to bloggers podcasters, Internet radio stations and new media makers. Our digital press conferences take place several times a year in New York City.

Holiday Angel - $2,500+
Raise $2,500 or more and I will give you everything above plus a complimentary full Cyber PR Headliner Campaign: Three months of online publicity, to new media outlets and a personal strategy consultation with me.

The Rock Star Extraordinaire – Grand Prize
The artist who raises the most money gets the all-access grand prize, which includes everything Ariel ever created plus a full four-month Rock Star campaign!

How To Participate:

1. Select the charity you would like to donate to. Choose from my list of 5 or select one of your own.

2. Send out your newsletters with full instructions on how your fans can get involved and donate. (I have written a sample newsletter for you below – all you have to do is cut, edit, paste and send)

3. Report your donations to us via email as they come in, we will track them on our holiday fundraising blog. E-mail the receipts as they come in to

We will report all of your progress on our blog!

By Participating You Will Receive:

* Features in both of our newsletters. Sound Advice and Pre Cleared and Podsafe, which go out to a total of over 18,000 subscribers.

* We will promote your holiday track as a participating artist to our network of over 10,000 bloggers, podcasters, Internet radio stations, zines, and social media makers (You must supply your holiday song with a public service announcement promoting our charity drive.)

* A chance to connect with your fan base this holiday season AND make a difference at the same time.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – while we all make a difference together this season.

Here’s How to Signup:

Send an e-mail to


1. Your name

2. Your e-mail address

3. Your band's name

4. The charity that you choose

5. If you have a holiday song that you would like us to promote attach it as an MP3

Let's make a difference together this season.

We will be reporting all of our progress on this blog:

The drive ends on December 31st.

CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser Rules:

In order to participate, you must:

1. Submit your entry via e-mail by December 10, 2008.

2. E-mail us proof of all donations using receipt numbers or screen shots from your fans. You will e-mail us on Friday afternoons and only once a week and we will tally the donations on weekends.

3. Submit all donation notifications by December 31st, 2008. We will announce the grand prize winner the first week of January and all of the winners along the way.)

Sample email letter to send to your fanbase:

CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser
Musicians Working Together To Make A Difference

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Holidays from [Your Name / Bands Name].

This year [You can add some of your 2008 highlights here]

This holiday season we are participating in the CYBER PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser by raising money for [Name of Charity] which benefits [who it benefits]

[add the name of the charity with a blurb about what that charity does]

We are inviting you to make a difference this season by donating [suggested amount]

We are inviting you to make a difference this season by making a donation.

As a thank you we will send you [ A complimentary MP3, a free CD, or another bonus gift of your choice]

Click here to donate. [this links to a donate link]

Simply email us proof of your donation by forwarding us your confirmation email or send us a screen shot as a proof of your donation, and we will send you your free gift!

For our collective efforts we will be rewarded by Cyber PR, a music PR firm that will send us DVDs, books, and audio courses, to help us get ahead in the music business.

So you are not only helping make a difference in the world for other musicians, you are also directly be making a difference for us.

If we raise $2,500 or more we get a complimentary full cyber PR campaign that will expose us to thousands of online resources. Please click here to donate and have a happy holiday!

Warmest Wishes
[Your Name Here]

If you don't want to give away free MP3s, CDs, and downloads – that's OK! Just remove that part of the letter.

Here are some additional giveaway ideas for your bonus:

1) CDs / A holiday EP
2) Leave a personal message on their voicemail.
3) A signed holiday / Christmas card
4) A signed poster, t-shirt, hat, et cetera
5) A live video of you personally thanking your fans who donate
6) A personal song written for the person who gives the most

To see the list of the Charities please visit:

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